Company / Organization

Who we are

Who we are#

We are a small technology-oriented company based in Bavaria, Germany. The company was founded by Markus Gritsch on May 16, 2014 and is exclusively financed by private funds of the founder.

Alignment and philosophy

Alignment and philosophy#

Our goal is to implement a free and open technology that serves society and can reverse fundamental problems caused by digital technologies.

  1. Increasing individuals' resilience against digital technologies and malicious business models that cause long-term harm to the individual.
  2. Promoting the ability of free societies to engage in the digital world, by reflecting democracy-oriented ethics and moral standards.

Demand for defensively oriented application behavior

Demand for defensively oriented application behavior#

We believe that the development and provision of defensive technologies capable of limiting the ever-growing data appetite of extensive digital information and media platforms, especially social media platforms, is long overdue.

The following sections provide detailed reasoning chains that justify the need for defensively oriented technologies.



The main focus is on developing a digital assistance system that increases the sovereignty of the individual in the use of digital services. This gets achieved by reversing or canceling out the effect of digital technology in the circle of action. The process gets referred to as a digital assistance system.

Use case - privacy protection

Use case - privacy protection#

The effects of analytical procedures applied by the operator on the user's data gets prevented.

Use case - Invalidating the effect of critical content on human consciousness.

Use case - Invalidating the effect of critical content on human consciousness.#

The individuals' scope of action increases, as they immediately perceive whether the content consumed is authentic or corresponds to the truth.

Commonality to achieve the objective

Commonality to achieve the objective#

Untrusted digital environments get enhanced with a comprehensive assistance system that allows users to use secure and trusted workflows in any digital execution environment. Technical support from the digital platform vendor to support such an augmenting process is not required.